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At Badu, we recognise the importance of creating environments for our young people to develop their skills and start to flourish as young adults. The Badu Way Volunteer Programme allows 14-16 years olds to start to develop these skills as coaches in our clubs and camps. Under the guidance of our lead coaches, volunteers work towards reaching specific targets to help them understand and maintain the level of professionalism and care we expect of all of our staff. Being able to have first hand experience working with children gives our volunteers the chance to develop many of the transferable skills they will need in the future, should they choose to work in sports or any other profession. ​

“Working as a volunteer for Badu has been good for me in so many ways. Firstly the team is really helpful and welcoming, and working with children has developed my confidence and team skills. I know this is something that will also help me to stand out on my college and UCAS application forms” - Godwin, 16 

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