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With all Badu’s sports programmes, we strive to instil a sense of belonging and inclusivity with our participants. So whether you are looking for an elite level Handball for young adults or adult casual walking club whilst the children are doing a tennis class at the same time and venue, we have it covered.

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Our mid to high intensity sports programmes are designed to be fun and engaging. They also test and push our students to go beyond their own perception of what is possible and believe in their own capabilities. 


Badu adult fitness and wellness sessions have the parents and carers in mind. We understand all the stresses and pressures that everyday life can throw at parents and carers. With that in mind, we wanted to be able to give adults a space to take a break from their commitments and re-centre themselves, knowing that the children are in the safest hands. 


All of our coaches are qualified to FA Level 1 standard at a minimum and aim to deliver the best sessions for all participants.

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