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BADU Schools

Since our founding, we have worked with schools within the East London community providing best-in-class programmes that are tailored towards the needs of the individual students, teachers, coaches and schools. Our seasoned tutors and coaches are known to deliver highly engaging and fun filled classes that will empower and uplift all of BADU students, teachers and parents.

BADU Sports

With all BADU sports programmes, we strive to instil a sense of belonging and inclusivity with our participants. So whether you are looking for an elite level Handball for young adults or adult casual walking club whilst the children are doing a tennis class at the same time and venue, we have it covered.



With society becoming more and more complex, we want to ensure that our students have the opportunity to engage and learn from role models who have impacted their communities in a positive way. BADU mentors lived and breathed London life and understand some of the obstacles that can be thrown in our community’s way. Since its beginnings in 2018, BADU mentoring scheme has become a safe and secure space for young adults between the ages of 14-19 who want to define a path that is the opposite of what society has predetermined.   



The interest of our community is very much at the heart of everything we do at BADU. Not only is our work centred around empowering the next generation to become the best version of themselves, we also are the support system that aims to uplift and assist all parents/carers and families in any way we can. Our ‘can-always-do-more’ attitude, powerful business connections and generous support from our partners have enabled us to build activities, workshops and personable guidance sessions, that show and give the community the tools they want and need to get to where they want to go whilst instilling a thriving mindset.

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