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Netball is one of the many sports Badu has delivered since starting over the past 12 years. Netball is a female sport. At Badu, through our years of implementing physical activity, we have learnt the engagement and retention of young girls in physical activity requires more attention and planning in comparison to males.

Our Club has been running every week consistently during term time. Badu has even been a part of the London Youth Games and this club has been an entry point for young girls to be a part of the Hackney Youth Games Team for netball.

Through our Netball club, we have been able to engage young girls in a safe and inclusive environment. As well as assisting netball players to advance to a higher level, the aims of this club, in particular, are to motivate and develop confidence in you girls through sport. In doing so, we can make sure they are equipped with the right skills in the game as well as a sense of empowerment. We aim to continue growing our netball club to have a further reach with young girls.

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