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At BADU we’re not just your ordinary football academy, our academy ethos is for all our players to develop within a disciplined, demanding and a fun environment, so they’re able to fulfil their full potential. We aim to educate our players to play the game in the right manner on and off the pitch. 

Our players' attitude off the pitch is a big thing at BADU as we believe it is important for all players to try hard at every challenge they may come up against and be disciplined in the game and out of it. We believe by standing by these rules we are giving our players the best opportunity in their footballing journeys. 


All our coaches are FA qualified and aim that all sessions are delivered at a high intensity so that all players are prepared come match day. The sessions they deliver are broken down into 3 different areas; technical, possession and match play. Throughout these areas we highlight how to improve their skills within a match scenario. 


We’ve currently registered nine teams within the Hackney Saturday Football Youth league meaning that all games will either be played at Mabley Green or Hackney marshes. Our players are picked from our development centre, which runs on Saturday mornings and allows all pupils from all schools to attend. On days the teams don’t have games they attend the development centre for further training and development.

Since starting BADU Academy in 2017, we have built relationships with professional clubs up and down the country. Our most notable partnership was built in 2020 with Norwich FC, becoming a sponsor of the club. For us, this partnership allows our players more access to football at a professional level, giving our players as well as our coaches a chance to learn more about the game at a higher level. Furthermore, our academy teams have notably played against Chelsea, West Ham, Charlton Athletic, Watford and Millwall FC. As a result of these relationships, five BADU academy players have progressed onto playing for professional clubs in the past two years. Along with developing our players, our aim is to continue to build these relationships and help as many of our players as we can to play at a professional level.

Our current teams 

At BADU Football Academy we currently have nine different age groups ranging from, under 8s, under 9s, under 10s, under 11s, under 12s, under 13s, under 14s, under 14s girls only and under 15s team. All our teams currently play in the Hackney league and our games are either based in Hackney marshes or Mabley Green playing field. Keep posted when BADU will be running future trials looking for more talented players within the community to be improved and educated on how to play the game the right way!

FA Charter Standard team 

BADU Football Academy have been a FA Charter Standard status over the past 3 years which all involved can be proud of. We’ve been able to demonstrate a positive and fun football environment where our players can develop their skills, keep fit and enjoy playing football.


For more information please email our head of football at football at:

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