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The work we do on the scale that we do wouldn’t be possible without the corporate partners that we have. A big portion of the work we do for the community requires funding that is beyond what we can solely provide. Our amazing partners such as Nike and Sky Cares, among others, provide us with some of the funding and resources that make all the difference to our community. Our growth and the vision we have would not be possible without them. 

We always welcome new companies to get involved in what we do. BADU runs  a number of different events and initiatives that allow current and potential corporate partners to get a taste of what we are about and see the direct impact their funding has on the people we work with.


Over the past few years we have been working closely with our corporate partners to deliver the best projects, provision and environment for our community and staff. From our initiatives such as ‘One Community’ and ‘That Moment When…’ to our camps and clubs, we would like to thank our new and existing partners for the helping hand they continue to provide us with. Our impact wouldn’t be as strong without it.

Corporate Partner List:

  • Nike 

  • Sky Cares 

  • Norwich FC 

  • Bidstack 

  • Here East The Greater London Authority (GLA)

  • The London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC)

For further information or interest please email

“Seeing the work BADU have put into furthering the opportunities and lives of local, underrepresented people in East London makes us proud to bring them together with Norwich Football Club. We are confident that this will be a transformational partnership for many young lives” - James Draper, Bidstack Founder & CEO.

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