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The interest of our community is very much at the heart of everything we do at Badu. Not only is our work centred around empowering the next generation to become the best version of themselves, we also are the support system that aims to uplift and assist all parents/carers and families in any way we can. Our ‘can-always-do-more’ attitude, powerful business connections and generous support from our partners have enabled us to build activities, workshops and personable guidance sessions, that show and give the community the tools they want and need to get to where they want to go whilst instilling a thriving mindset.

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We have a culturally inclusive mental health program that aims to support and tackle some of the issues around mental health and mental wellness through the lens of our communities and making it culturally relevant and supportive  to the whole family and communities.


London’s reputation for being one of the world’s most creative and modern hubs stems from its deep multicultural community and we wanted to shine a spotlight on London’s heritage with Proud2Be.


Proud2Be is Badu’s highly interactive and immersive 4 week celebration of the cultural arts in all its glory. From fashion shows, to African drumming demonstrations, the event is designed to create an inclusive, fun and once-in-a-lifetime experience for our community. 


During Proud2Be, we also do a daily deep dive into a historic or current influencer that has significantly impacted the way the world has sees multiculturalism today. 



The Coronavirus Pandemic has thrown a huge spanner in the works for everyone but even more so for families in the underrepresented communities. With immeasurable mental health damage and food poverty at an all time time, Badu are stepping up our gaming to further support families and schools during such a trying time in the world’s history. 


We can offer practical support for children, advice on accessing resources and services, wellness check-ins as more. All of our staff are qualified Mental Health First Aiders and trained in Trauma Informed Practices.




Christmas can be a sensitive time for families all over the world and at Badu, we aim to do our part to ensure nobody’s left behind or forgotten. 


That Moment When is our festive holiday initiative, where we aim to raise £40,000 to provide 300 hampers to families in need within the local community. From culture specific ingredients to make Christmas lunch, to presents for childrens and parents as well, That Moment When is Badu’s way of showing everyone, regardless of background, status or culture deserves a warm and joyful Christmas. 



With more than 10 years experience of running successful and fun-filled half-term holiday camps, our camps are the go-place for all students who want to be mentally and physically engaged and the opportunity to continue to grow in a safe and secure environment. 


We also offer a week-long residential trip in Devon to school-nominated students. Working in partnership with the Jamie Procters Foundation, we aim to deliver residential programmes that give students the opportunity to gain new skills, make new friends and expose them to new experiences. Through 9 years of successfully running this scheme, we have been able to give over 2000 students this once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

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