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First interaction with Badu

Aged 11, 2009


The City Academy, Hackney


Terry first encountered BADU when he was in year 7. He was exposed to many of the BADU coaches through P.E at his secondary school. BADU really helped Terry when it came to sports, especially football, table tennis, Badminton.

Since graduating from education, Terry has become a key member of the BADU Coaching team.

Results & Progress

Terry has become a key member of the BADU coaching staff in and out of school. He coaches a variety of sports as well as being a part of the BADU Football Centre where he develops new young footballers. Terry's professionalism and attitude makes him a leading example and the young people he works with benefit and learn from him massively!

"The BADU staff were more like mentors. Even outside of P.E, they would make sure I was behaving or conducting myself properly around the school and not dropping my standards.

More importantly the love for coaching I have started to come in during the duration of my time working at BADU as a coach. It was only a couple years after being at BADU when I realised how meaningful the service we give meant to the kids as they really cherish when we are teaching them; they never want to leave us."

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