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First interaction with Badu

Aged 9, 2004


St John St James, Hackney


Ross’ first interaction with us came in primary school where he was taught by Mr Badu. In a school that proved to be challenging, Ross always showed a positive attitude and wanted to rise above some of the distraction and negative influence that was around him at the time. From a young age his drive and determination always shined through.

Results & Progress

Ross has been a part of the BADU family since he was 19-years-old as a volunteer coach with us. Over the years, Ross has developed his skills both as a coach and mentor and now at 26 is one of our most popular and trusted coaches amongst our community. Heading our Football Centre and leading P.E in St Matthias Primary School, Ross is one of the best examples of the aim we have as an organisation to develop and give opportunity to members of our community through sport. We continue to be proud of the role model Ross is every day and champion his efforts.

“My BADU journey has been an uphill journey. From being a student in year 5 till now being a leading coach development officer in BADU at 25. It has upped my skill set and boosted my confidence in all elements of my teaching. I want to always give back to the children and make sure they do not miss out on any opportunities. Basically giving back the same positive experience I received as a child from the BADU coaches."

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