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First interaction with Badu

Aged 11, 2009


The City Academy, Hackney


Growing up, Olivia was always keen to be involved in sport, from dance to football and netball. She was always a student eager to showcase her talent and competitive spirit.. At the time, BADU were more than just P.E teachers that taught in school. They knew how to really get young people excited about sport and take part in it. Olivia was one of those students who took to this and built a relationship with her coaches through sport. Nana Badu was one of the first of the BADU team to teach Olivia, introducing her to Handball. It was a sport she had never played or even seen before, but Nana made it really exciting. One proud moment for both us and Olivia was being selected to represent Hackney in the London Youth Games for Handball. This team was full of young people who also interacted with BADU. Olivia went on to excelling as a netball player also during this time.

Results & Progress

Olivia completed a degree in psychology and graduated in 2019. Following her graduation, Olivia reunited with the BADU team where she began working as the statistics, funding and research administrator. Olivia has now been with the company for two years and has now transitioned into a Brand and Project Manager role, where she looks after some of our key partnerships and projects.

Ultimately, this journey has only just really started, and the BADU team and where I live and work have really contributed to these early formative years of my life and career.

“None of this would have been possible without my ties and affinity to my local area. Growing up, being educated and living in Hackney has made me the person I am today and has really enabled me to pursue things I would have usually overlooked. Working on the Here East Campus with BADU has really opened doors to the company and myself. This is evident as I am undertaking my masters degree at Loughborough University London on the Olympic Park. This is an opportunity I most likely would have missed if I didn't work where I do.”

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