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First interaction with Badu

Aged 4, 2006


St John of Jerusalem, Hackney


Mia was first introduced to BADU at the tender age of 4. She has known of BADU since she was in nursery and while at primary school she was taught P.E by Mr Badu and others. P.E has been a favourite subject for Mia for a long time, she has been able to excel in this especially when it came to playing football. This passion is one that has definitely stuck with Mia.

Results & Progress

Since finishing school, Mia has been a part of our apprenticeship scheme. She has gone from strength to strength developing her coaching skills, allowing her to become a key member of our in school coaching staff. Mia is also a part of the BADU Level Up programme in partnership with Nike which focuses on up-skilling women in sport. Her dedication to improving as a coach and young professional is something that hasn’t gone unnoticed. Everyday, Mia’s commitment to her role shows that she understands the impact that she has on young people she coaches and mentors.

“The BADU team have always been supportive of me and are really easy to talk to. Especially because they have a really positive relationship with my mum.

When I started working for BADU I saw the importance of building a positive relationship with the children and their parents and how my influence can shape their future.”

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