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First interaction with Badu

Aged 9, 2007


St John of Jerusalem, Hackney


Lamin is a lead coach who has grown by leaps and bounds since first connecting with BADU in primary school. Lamin was a student in school who had great natural ability in sport as well as real confidence and personality. His challenges came with channeling his energy into the right things during school. Often Lamin’s behaviour affected his attainment. The coaches at BADU identified this and began to mentor Lamin throughout primary school. With the right guidance, Lamin began to flourish both in the classroom and during P.E.

Results & Progress

Mid-way through secondary school, Lamin became a young leader for BADU, volunteering as an assistant coach in our summer camps. Though he was young when he started, he showed real confidence and control as a coach. Being able to have these kinds of attributes when coaching and mentoring children as a beginner is a credit to Lamin’s attitude as a coach. Lamin worked his way up to now being a lead coach in schools and in BADU’s Football Academy. His enthusiasm is infectious and makes him popular amongst young people, coaches and parents alike. He is a real credit to the organisation.

“BADU has helped me grow as a person and as a coach. Being able to work and progress in a field that I enjoy is something that I can only thank Mr Badu and the rest of the senior team at BADU for giving me the opportunity to do. I always try to give my all to the young people I work with because I know the impact that we as coaches can have on them. I was once one of those children, and now I really understand the importance of what we do at BADU because I was once one of those children.”

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