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First interaction with Badu

Aged 11, 2009


The City Academy, Hackney


Jan came into contact with BADU during secondary school in 2009. His talent for basketball and football were undeniable and the coaches at BADU ensured continue to nurture his gift inside and outside of P.E lessons.

Since graduating from education, Jan is now a part of the Funding, Media and Marketing team at BADU.

Results & Progress

Jan started working for BADU at the age of 17 as a basketball coach, then progressed onto becoming a multi-sport coach within a clubs and schools setting.

Five years after becoming a member of BADU's team, Jan has further developed his professional skill set by progressing onto becoming an integral part of the Funding, Media and Marketing team. The hands-on nature of the work has given him the opportunity to experience the planning and preparation that goes on behind the scenes to run a sporting organisation.

“BADU coaches focused on my character and attitude as an athlete and student. Them developing my personal skills outside of sport helped me to become a leader within it. This is something I took pride in growing up.

Basketball and football were always the sports I was most eager to play during school. With Mr Badu, I remember being selected to attend Saturday football academy sessions with my school football team. It was during this period that I began to understand and see the difference in the BADU approach to teaching and coaching compared to normal school teaching."

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